Our cattery is sited next to our house in a garden area so we can keep a close eye on your cat at regular intervals. Andy now works full time in the cattery so is always on hand.

We provide fleece sleeping beds although you are welcome to bring your own.

Our accommodation is fully insulated and each unit has thermostatically controlled heating. Every cat has access to its own sheltered outdoor run that has scratch posts, toys and chairs to sit on whilst watching the birds.

Accommodation is available for single or shared occupancy (for up to four cats from the same family).


We will administer prescribed medicines should your cat require and a grooming service is also available.

At Caerhun Cattery your cat will be looked after by the same person every day. As cat owners ourselves we know that no two cats are the same so our main aim is to provide the best attention for your cat at all times.



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